Audience Overview & Demographics

Vendors Directory is the ultimate online business resource for reaching supply chain, logistics and procurement professionals. Put your company’s brand, services and expertise in front of our highly-targeted audiences with unique listing, advertising and lead generation opportunities.

80% VP, Director level or higher
Over 80% of Vendors Directory users/readers hold a senior level position in their company.

3,500 users per month
Number of new & returning users that have had at least one session with the online directory.

15,600 page views per month
Total number of pages/listings viewed, repeated views of a single listing are counted.
(Source: Google Analytics, last 6 months average)

Promoted to 50,000+ executives
Number of recipients receiving an email message or tweet promoting the directory each month.

10,000 copies distributed
Number of copies of the China edition printed & distributed each year at 50+ events.